Give Up The Ghost

by Randy Fuller

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released September 7, 2010

produced by wes martin and randy fuller. engineered by wes martin. recorded at catapult studios in frisco (guitar, lead and group vocals), providence studio in desoto (drums and percussion engineered by jon-paul talley), black rock studio in richardson (everything else). artwork design & photos by jeremy dennis. musicians: randy fuller (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, keys, rhodes, mandolin, backing vocals) wes martin (acoustic guitar, mandolin, keys, rhodes, backing vocals), jon-paul talley (drums/percussion), jimmy green (bass), travis lawrence (banjo, backing vocals), kristen massey (piano, backing vocals), lindey duckworth (backing vocals), caleb carruth (backing vocals) choir: jimmy and sarah green, ryan and lindey duckworth, randy fuller.

booking & management: milieu artists cooperative –, 817.637.7674

all songs written by randy fuller ©2010 i always wear black socks (ascap) except for “small talk” co-written with wes martin ©2010 shotgun no farkle (bmi).


all rights reserved



randyfuller Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Small Talk
something just ain’t right today
you’re so close, yet so far away
i don’t know what you’re asking
if you never ask the questions
that burn so deep inside
so we talk about the weather
and the songs we sang together
just to get it off our minds
let’s forget about the weather for now
clear the air and let the push come to shout
by the time we figure it out
there’s no room for the darkness to hide
beating the bushes for a while
it’s all labor pains and no child
i don’t care what you’re asking
if you never have the courage
to come right out and say
you don’t want to go no further
you’ve gone and found another
you’ve left me in disarray
hide away, just to save your face
from the reckoning coming your way
there’s a time to hide, a time to see
if you’ve ever cared for me
Track Name: I Am Not
blank stare, shaking in the corner
smoke still rising from the wound
in what you call your military moment
stood your ground and never backed down
all those things you said i am, i am not
all the places where we dwelt are all i’ve got
i can’t escape the memory or the haze in between
your eyes and what you think you’ve seen
damn the lies, damn your feelings
you took more than you ever gave
i never want to remember
how much i want to forget
you left me for dead
Track Name: Crazy Cathy
crazy cathy shot her husband
left her boys and headed west
couldn’t take the day to day
if she were asked, she’d say
“father don’t know best”
what’s the use in having something
that takes you way too soon
what’s the use in worrying
when there’s nobody left in the room
jaci told us you’d gone dark
you went away and took your heart
if we got down on the floor
you’d come back once more
but today i’m just not sure
how could she pretend
you would want to mend
this heart that’s self destructing
Track Name: Train
i begged you please take your time
i was glad to give you mine
wave broke in swift and harsh
and it ripped away my heart
red horizon and the wheels are going round
take a deep breath and my sighing makes a sound
it’s lonely on this west bound train
your voice inside my head driving me insane
keep changing what you say
you just won’t go away
it’s lonely on this west bound train
i used to think you were the one
i’d want shining in my sun
golden hair, jewels so bright
i hope they keep you warm at night
my hands are shaking as the water hits the ground
i can’t seem to find the brakes to slow it down
you’re one in half a hundred
there are better odds to play
Track Name: All Things New
pray for recession from my great depression
what lives will be lost just to fill this obsession
damned if you do me, damned if you don’t me
blood on my head is just dying to show me
you make all things new
wasting away on this diet of nothing
tricking myself to think that it’s something
nourishment comes from regurgitating
taking that takes and never replaces
you make all things new
Track Name: Give Up The Ghost
oh, won’t you give up the ghost?
this measure of love we share
will soon be bare
every tree is painfully aware
the end of the road is here

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